The Medieval period is subdivided into the Early (c. 476-1000), the High (c. 1001-1300), and the Late (c. 1301–1500) Middle Ages.
Historical fiction novels set within this time-frame in Europe are labelled medieval.

Medieval Europe offers the historical backdrop of the grandeur of medieval royalty contrasted with the stark struggle for survival of the common folk. Medieval historical fiction features, among others, conflicts between Christianity and the remnants of paganism, the open warfare of the Crusades, the medieval Celts, Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, the Wars of the Roses, the Vikings a

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Charles Dickens
Those darling byegone times, Mr Carker,' said Cleopatra, 'with their delicious fortresses, and their dear old dungeons, and their delightful places of torture, and their romantic vengeances, and their picturesque assaults and sieges, and everything that makes life truly charming! How dreadfully we have degenerated!
Charles Dickens, Dombey and Son

Robert G. Ingersoll
Some Christian lawyers—some eminent and stupid judges—have said and still say, that the Ten Commandments are the foundation of all law. Nothing could be more absurd. Long before these commandments were given there were codes of laws in India and Egypt—laws against murder, perjury, larceny, adultery and fraud. Such laws are as old as human society; as old as the love of life; as old as industry; as the idea of prosperity; as old as human love. All of the Ten Commandments that are good were old; a ...more
Robert G Ingersoll, About The Holy Bible

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