Science Fiction Romance

A subgenre of Romance, a futuristic form of romance.

Nightchaser (Endeavor, #1)
Touch Of Eon (Eon Warriors, #2)
War for Earth (Galactic Order #3)
Let Me Love You (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss, #13.5)
Deb and the Demon (Alien Abduction #4)
Alien Mischief (Alien Mate, #4)
Mystic (Cat Star Legacy, #2)
Nightingale: The Apprentice, Volume 6 (The Twelve Systems Chronicles #6)
Angie's Gladiator (Icehome, #5)
The Kinsman Universe
Edge of Eon (Eon Warriors, #1)
Core's Attack (Cosmos' Gateway, #6)
The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas (Stolen by an Alien #6)
Catalyst (Hidden Planet #2)
Rising from the Depths (The Kraken, #5)
Tarjen (Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides, #4; Intergalactic Dating Agency)
Polaris Rising (Consortium Rebellion, #1)
War for Earth (Galactic Order #3)
Catalyst (Hidden Planet #2)
The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas (Stolen by an Alien #6)
The Queen's Gambit (Rogue Queen, #1)
Alien Captain's Claimed Bride
The Kinsman Universe
Relic of Sorrows (Fallen Empire, #4)
Alien Warrior's Captive Bride
Core's Attack (Cosmos' Gateway, #6)
Cleon Moon (Fallen Empire, #5)
Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise #1)
Noah (Hell Squad, #6)
Demon Ember (Resurrection Chronicles, #1)
Soulless by Gail CarrigerThe Iron Duke by Meljean BrookClockwork Angel by Cassandra ClareChangeless by Gail CarrigerBlameless by Gail Carriger
313 books — 901 voters

Pride and Prejudice by Jane AustenIt Happened One Autumn by Lisa KleypasSlightly Dangerous by Mary BaloghThe Raven Prince by Elizabeth HoytThen Came You by Lisa Kleypas
Starchy Hero Gets Un-Starched
293 books — 346 voters

Gladiator by Anna HackettAlien Mate by Cara BristolHostage to the Stars by Veronica  ScottStolen by an Alien by Amanda MiloJarek by Erin Tate
New Science Fiction Romance 2016 to 2017
272 books — 110 voters
Devil in Winter by Lisa KleypasDreaming of You by Lisa KleypasNot Quite a Husband by Sherry ThomasScandal in Spring by Lisa KleypasWhen He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn
Fresh Scent of Pining Hero
265 books — 286 voters

Claimed (Brides of the Kindred, #1)
Born of Night (The League: Nemesis Rising #1)
Ral's Woman (Zorn Warriors, #1)
Ice Planet Barbarians (Ice Planet Barbarians, #1)
Gabriel's Ghost (Dock Five Universe, #1)
Burning Up Flint (Cyborg Seduction, #1)
Hunted (Brides of the Kindred, #2)
Games of Command
Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, #1)
Born of Fire (The League: Nemesis Rising  #2)
Sought (Brides of the Kindred, #3)
The Demon's Possession (Shadow Quest, #1)
Abducting Abby (Dragon Lords of Valdier, #1)
Barbarian Alien (Ice Planet Barbarians, #2)
Dark Horse (Class 5, #1)

Erin Kellison
Wife," he murmured. "Damn. The bastard fought dirty. Wife was her favorite word.
Erin Kellison, Gold Like the Sun

Meg Xuemei X
None of us could choose our birth, but we could still chose our family, and only those who love you are your true family.
Meg X, The Fourth Eye

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