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The Forgiving Jar by Wanda E. Brunstetter
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it was amazing

The Forgiving Jar

by Wanda E. Brunstetter is a new book released soon by Barbour Press. We are back in the existences of Michelle, Sara and the wonderful elderly couple in the person of Mary Ruth and Willis Lapp.

The couple if you remember the first book I previously treated and reviewed lost their daughter, and they learned this thanks to a letter sent by Sara, the daughter of their daughter, disappeared too many years ago without to let them know anymore what happened to her.
Sara after all has a good existence, but curiosity is great and the desire of trying to understand a world like the one of Amish so distant by her reality is immense. Her mother never told her that in a past phase of her existence she was an Amish.

The Lapps are at the same time extremely sad and excited. Sad because they lost their beloved daughter, but happy for the possibility of discovering this new important member of their family. They tell her that they would have met her with pleasure.

But my favorite character is the one of Michelle. Michelle lived in a disgraceful family, her boyfriend was horrible, she was homeless, no job, desperate she didn't know where to go, and when she meets this nice elderly couple asking her if she was their niece Sara, Michelle answers: yes.
Without exhitation.

For this girl, surrounded just by internal and external confusion, where there was just chaos, disorder, violence, the Lapps meant not the Paradise: more.
Good food, a family where love and friendship were visible, someone in grade of appreciating people, Michelle felt she loved immensely to staying there.

This new book focuses on the arrival of Michelle, again in the Lapps' house, this time with her name and last name Taylor for the Thanksgiving and the one of Sara. Yes, in the previous book the story was, after all, discovered.

The Lapps understood that desperation was high and the possibility of a good nest for Michelle where resting mind and body adding some good hard work and prayers was a good conclusion.
They understood her desperation. Sara at first, in this book doesn't. She thinks that maybe she is again there for opportunism; she doesn't love her grand-parents but who knows why she is there.

While Michelle is genuinily not just in love for the Lapps, her adoptive Amish family but also for that life, that she will choice of not lose anymore.

Ezekiel is the boyfriend of Michelle, while Brad in the first book attracted by Michelle/Sara maybe will start to flirt with Sara...

The jars are not so central in the story after all, because these girls will experience a lot; also the departure of a beloved domestic animal, the joy of meeting someone never seen in their existence, new jobs, friendships and meetings. A marriage and other stories will follow but what it is for sure, these jars and the Lapps will help these girls in their new path and their new existence.

A memorable story this one. Altruistic people are in grade to better the world.

I know you'll love this book. It can't be different. Wanda is in grade to speak directly to the heart of people with simplicity, accuracy and great tenderness and understanding.

I thank NetGalley and Barbour for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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